Back Pain

Back pain may have a sudden onset or can be a chronic pain; it can be constant or intermittent, stay in one place or radiate to other areas. It may be a dull ache, or a sharp or piercing or burning sensation.

Migraine is a chronic disorder characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headaches often in association with a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain, tingling, and numbness in your hand which is often the result of a combination of factors that increase pressure on the median nerve and tendons in the carpal tunnel, rather than a problem with the nerve itself.

Myofascial pain is a chronic condition that affects the fascia (connective tissue that covers the muscles). Myofascial pain syndrome may involve either a single muscle or a muscle group.
Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain refers to severe, ongoing pain that may not be relieved by rest or medication and is not directly caused by other medical conditions.
Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain affects men and women, and sometimes children and adolescents. The topic can be embarrassing and the problem can be devastating.
Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome refers to severe, continued tiredness that is not relieved by rest and is not directly caused by other medical conditions.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition that can affect any area of the body, but often affects an arm or a leg. Pain is intense and burning, and is much stronger than would be expected for the type of injury that occurred.

Fibromyalgia is a common syndrome in which a person has long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues.

Sciatica refers to pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg. It is caused by injury to or pressure on the sciatic nerve.


A headache or cephalalgia is pain anywhere in the head or neck area. It can be a symptom of a number of different conditions of the head and neck.
Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are injuries that occur in athletic activities. In many cases, these types of injuries are often due to overuse or acute trauma of a part of the body.
Joint Pain

Joint pain is extremely common and can range from mildly irritating to debilitating.  Many different conditions can cause joint pain, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injuries.
Thyroid Disorders

Many people with low thyroid are prescribed Synthroid or levo-thyroxine to treat their hypothyroidism. While this is the ‘standard of care,’ for many it leaves their body low on thyroid hormone.

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